Tips to Improve WordPress Sites for Google Core Web Vitals

Quick tips to improve your website loading speed.

First of all, what are Core Web Vitals? Core Web Vitals, or CWV are a set of criteria that Google has developed to help website owners and developers improve their sites for their end users.  Many of us lament about Google. For a lot of reasons. Privacy invasions. Changing search algorithms that result in our…

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Blogging frequency and the importance of quality content

Blogging Consistency

How often should you post to your blog? It depends. Experts other than myself say once a week or more. Can you afford the time to post several well thought out and researched articles on your blog? Let alone in a week? Consistently? I talked about the time commitment in my first blog post about…

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How an active blog can help your business

blog, seo, marketing

Every business needs a blog. Even One Dog Solutions. Especially One Dog Solutions. You should practice what you preach, right? Blogging for your business is a crucial part of any organization’s marketing strategy. So why doesn’t every businesses do it? Or if they do, why not on a regular basis? Keeping up a blog is…

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