Terms and Conditions

Web Care and related service terms and conditions.

Updated 4-23-2024

The Web Care Plan is a month-to-month contract with One Dog Solutions, LLC to provide ongoing maintenance services for your website. This includes, but is not limited to regular backups, updates, licenses, support, security and any edits allowed in the plan you have chosen. Sites not developed by One Dog Solutions may be eligible for Web Care at our discretion after a website audit. Additional charges may be applied for unique configurations.

What's Covered in Our Web Care Plans:

Website Migration

Your website will be migrated to our servers free of charge. This includes updating DNS records to point to the new server, and a baseline optimization of your site to work with our server's caching system. We may add premium versions of plugins to your site and migrate to them from others, i.e. SEO, caching, etc.

Any additional changes, will be performed at our standard hourly rate. These charges will be assessed on your first month of active Web Care billing with One Dog Solutions.

These changes can include the following:

  • Fixing broken functionality
  • Updating massively out of date plugins (several versions behind)
  • Updating severely out of date WordPress core
  • Domain and email migrations

Website Hosting

Your website will be hosted on Vultr or UpCloud servers managed through RunCloud by One Dog Solutions. The servers maintain a 99.999% uptime rate and are some of the fastest in the industry. We employ advanced caching, and host your original site in a location nearest your business so it's immediately accessible to your visitors.

A requirement for using our hosting is DNS access. From time to time, we upgrade our server hardware to provide the fastest available access for your website. Occasionally the IP address for the new server may change, and we will need to update your DNS records accordingly.


At One Dog Solutions, we believe in the 3-2-1 backup strategy. 3 copies of data on two storage mediums and 1 offsite. We have an individual backup of your website instance at two separate cloud locations - and also an offsite backup on fast RAID storage. In the case of a website failure, or an oops on a user's part, we've got you covered. We can have your website back up and running in minutes.


We take the security of your website seriously. All of our cloud servers run OS-level firewalls to filter out malicious traffic. We also employ Web Application Firewalls to filter out application-specific traffic. In addition to regular backups, we run regular scans on your site for malware and employ additional WordPress specific security.


With all major open-source CMS solutions, regular updates are also crucial to your site's security and functionality. One Dog Solutions will perform updates to your website for all plugins, themes and any available, stable CMS core updates on a weekly basis.

Premium Plugin Access

One Dog Solutions has invested in premium plugins for use on websites under our Care Plans. You are allowed the use of these plugins on your site as long as a Care Plan subscription is active. If you choose to cancel your Care Plan subscription, One Dog Solutions licenses for premium plugins will be removed and you will be responsible for purchasing those recurring licenses. If a plugin is required for functionality on your site that is unique to you, it may not be covered under the care plan. We will inform you of any additional costs associated with specific premium plugins. You can request a list of plugins using One Dog Solutions licenses at any time by contacting us at info@onedog.solutions

Web Care Support

Web Care Support can be reached to report issues from your website dashboard via our support widget at any time. If you are unable to access your website dashboard, you can also submit a request via email to support@onedog.solutions. Requests outside of these methods will need be entered onto our support ticket system manually, and will automatically be assessed additional administrative time to complete at client cost.

Website downtime will be attended to as soon as a technician is available 24/7. Any tasks that are not critical to the core functions of your website, will be completed during normal business hours 9 AM - 5 PM CST, Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. Typical turnaround time is 4 to 48 hours depending on the severity of the issue.

Server Resources

Sites that use excessive server resources may be subject to additional charges. Monthly data transfer limits for individual Web Care Plans are as follows:

  • Standard Web Care - 400GB/month
  • Advanced Web Care - 800GB/month
  • Premium Web Care - 2.8TB/month

If your site is using more data than your plan allows, your Web Care plan will be moved to the next pricing tier.

Unauthorized plugins or uploads that use excessive resources, such as email marketing, video streaming, etc. will be subject to removal, and additional charges. Sites with repeated offenses may be removed from a Web Care Plan at One Dog Solution's discretion.

What's Not Covered in Our Web Care Plans:

Web Development

If you have not opted into our On Going Updates program, any additional tasks will be covered under new development. If you have purchased monthly time and tasks are assessed to exceed your chosen allotment of time under your On Going Updates plan, they will be considered new web development. These tasks will be billed at our Web Care Plan hourly rate of $100/hour. Tasks that fall outside of the On Going Updates plan may include, new page design, theme, plugin development, or extended support not related to your website, etc.

Any additional work performed on request may be billed separately from any ongoing subscription payments, depending on the scope of the work. Invoices for additional work performed that have not already been added to recurring billing and are more than 30 days past due will be added to the next regular recurring billing with a 5% late fee assessed.

Graphic Design

Graphic design of any brochures, business cards, stationary or logo creation will be performed at our standard hourly rate of $70/hour.

Digital Marketing

Your Web Care Plan is for website maintenance services only. We do not include social media management, PPC management, or ongoing SEO management or strategy under our Web Care Plans. We can provide these services under a separate agreement. See our Marketing and SEO pages for more details on what we offer.

Correcting Client Changes

Correcting client produced content or settings changes that cause the website to perform poorly, or break functionality are not covered in your care plan. Correcting any issues introduced by you, or your employees, can be corrected at our standard web care rate of $100/hour. A three-hour minimum charge will be billed, regardless of the issue, to assess the actions required to correct the site.

Web Care Add-Ons

On Going Updates Add-On

Some examples of tasks included are, a phone number change, a photo update, changing an email address, menu updates, blog posting, etc. If we estimate a task takes longer than your allotted time block to complete, or involves development changes, a project quote will be generated for you to be performed at our standard hourly rate for care plan customers.

Changes must be submitted through the support widget, or to support@onedog.solutions. Changes sent after 3:00 PM CST will be logged into our system the next day. Simple changes that do no require new page creation, or development, will be typically completed within 48 hours of accepting the change order.

On Going Update tasks will be completed during normal business hours 9 AM - 5 PM CST, Monday - Friday, excluding holidays.

Membership Add-On

Our Membership Add-On provides new capabilities to create private areas for your customers on your site as well as recurring billing services. Activating the add-on adds new capabilities only. If you require additional development and setup of membership on your site, this can be performed at our standard Web Care client rates. Contact us for a detailed quote at info@onedog.solutions.

Email Marketing Add-On

Our email marketing add-on is a tool that will reside in your WordPress Dashboard. You are allowed unlimited sending to the the total amount of subscribers in your plan. If you exceed your subscriber limit, your plan will be upgraded to accommodate.

Email lists must remain clean and in good standing in order to continue to use our sending service. If your account is flagged for excessive bounced emails, spam complaints, or failed emails, your account will be downgraded.

Spam list removal can be accomplished for a 3 hour minimum at our standard Web Care Rate, and any additional time it requires to remove your domain from blacklists. This may require list cleaning which will be performed at a rate based on your total subscriber count.

If your account produces repeated violations, you may continue using our add-on with an alternate SMTP provider at your own expense.

This add-on includes the sending service only and tools to self build email newsletters. If you need fully managed email marketing services please see our Digital Marketing page for more information.

Standard Web Care Email Marketing Add-On Allowance

A basic newsletter and a simple on boarding sequence (drip campaign) are allowed on this plan. Additional workflows will require upgrading to a higher care plan.

Premium Web Care Email Marketing Add-On Allowance

A basic newsletter and a simple on boarding sequence (drip campaign) are allowed on this plan. Additionally, an abandoned cart workflow as well as two additional funnel workflows are allowed. Additional workflows will require upgrading to a higher care plan.

Advanced Web Care Email Marketing Add-On Allowance

A basic newsletter and a simple on boarding sequence (drip campaign) are allowed on this plan. Additionally, an abandoned cart workflow as well as 5 additional funnel workflows are allowed. Additional workflows will require a custom plan to accommodate the specific needs of the site. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Subscription Payments

Subscription payments will begin at the time that you accept the payment agreement. Subscriptions are prorated when starting mid-month. You will be automatically billed on the 1st of each month until canceled. Cancellations can be completed in your account. Web Care cancellations will also require written notice to info@onedog.solutions.

Upgrades and downgrades between plans are prorated for upgrades only. Your new payment plan will start on the following month after plan changes occur.

If your payment does not clear, you will have 14 days to complete the transaction with us. At 15 days, a 5% late fee will be assessed. If you have not completed the transaction within 30 days, we will remove your site from active hosting, and any active add-ons will be removed from your account. Your site and/or add-ons will remain removed until you become current on all billing. If you fail to complete payments for 90 days, your site will be permanently deleted from our nearline backup storage.

Websites that have fallen past due, and have been removed from active hosting may be reactivated for a fee at the discretion of One Dog Solutions.