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First impressions are important. Your website is one of the first things people see when they want information about you. It's more than just an online business card. It's where you greet your potential customers before you ever meet. We strive to make every site a customer generating engine, not just an online brochure.

One Dog Solutions takes the time to research your business and develop a custom solution tailored to you. We incorporate solid search engine optimization techniques and user experience considerations into the design planning. We want to help bring solid organic traffic to your site, and help those users find what they need when they get there. Whether your clients are searching for you on a tablet, phone, or desktop computer, all of our sites are designed to be mobile responsive and beautiful no matter what device they are viewed on.

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How our web design process works

When you're considering a website for your organization, what problem does it solve for you? Is it finding more customers? Building brand awareness? Presenting an online catalog of your goods and services? At One Dog Solutions, we take a collaborative approach to web development to answer those questions with you. We'll work with you to build a site that you are proud of and represents your organization. Whether you are seeking a new site, a few updates or a fresh redesign, we follow the path outlined below tailored specifically to your project.

Project Discovery

We start with a phone call, or a cup of coffee. During our initial meeting we'll gather information on your website needs and function. We'll get to know you, and who you want to connect with. We'll follow up with our short questionnaire to fill in anything we may miss during our introduction conversation.

Outline Expectations

After we've done our information gathering, we'll build a project plan that defines the scope of your project. Together we'll set goals and work out the expectations of your site. Once we understand your project, we put together a proposal of our best suggestions on building your website.

Layout Concepts

One Dog Solutions will put together a wireframe of the basic website layout for review. We'll outline the sitemap and list of pages that will be on you website. We will detail the path that your end users will follow when visiting your site, and work with you on the expected functionality of your site.

Copy & Image Collection

After we've framed out your website, One Dog Solutions will work with you on gathering information to fill in the pages. This will include any additional photos, logos, and copy to describe your business. We will make sure that your business identity and branding is consistently represented throughout your site.

Design & Development

After we have gathered your creative assets, company logo, slogan and branding, One Dog Solutions will design your front page. This will set the tone for the balance of the pages in your site. Once the design meets your approval, we'll continue finishing the other pieces of your site with a consistent look and feel.  We'll also develop the requested functionality outlined in our proposal during this stage of our process.

Website Launch

Once your website is finished, we will walk through it with you and make sure that everything is completed to your expectations. When you're satisfied with the design, One Dog Solutions will perform thorough testing to ensure that your website functions as expected. Once we're finished testing, we will make the site live and available for your visitors.

Post Launch

After your site is launched, we're still with you. We'll montior your site once you're starting to see live traffic to make sure that everything is working for 30 days following launch. One Dog Solutions is more than happy to make any minor adjustments to ensure that your site is funtioning as anticipated during this period. We're here to help your business succeed.

Web Care

Once your website is published, you will be subscribed to one of our Care Plans. Like any other software, your website will need updates to stay secure and functional. Included in all of our plans, are regular backups, premium plugin licenses, and scheduled updates. You'll have the peace of mind knowing that your site is taken care of so you can focus on running your business.

What can we answer about Web Design?

Here's a quick FAQ of the top questions that our prospective clients ask about our web design services. We're sure that we've probably left something out, so just let us know how we can help you at

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